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About us

Bjørns Træværk og Restaurering ApS is led by carpenter and restoration craftsman Rasmus Bjørn Frederiksen. For more than three years, Rasmus Bjørn was a ‘rushing journeyman on the waltz’ and the tradition-based professionalism he has built up on his (educational) journey as a hub around the world, translates into every single carpentry task. In addition to Rasmus Bjørn, the company draws a team of skilled carpenters and joiners with a common passion for good craftsmanship. We work according to three basic principles: Good materials, durable solutions and good craftsmanship. If these three principles are followed, the result we strive to achieve will always follow.


The respect and pride that lies in doing a good job always comes first, whether the framework is new or old. We perform small and large tasks within the carpentry and joinery trades, specializing in restoration and traditional carpentry. both as the main contractor and as a specialist contractor in close collaboration with our skilled partners.


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