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Skovsbo Gods

2021-08-27 14.56.31.jpg

A little outside Kerteminde is Skovsbo ​​Estate with a history dating back to 1339 and with a main building dated to 1572. After a change of ownership in 2020, the estate and its associated buildings have undergone an extensive restoration. However, one did not stand a chance to be saved for a long time, and the new owners wanted to build a new half-timbered house with a riding hall and horse stable as the main function. Bjørns Træværk og Restaurering was hired to make half-timbering, roof trusses, roof construction and barn doors. To understand the scope of the task, you must know the dimensions: he building measures 110 x 22 m and consists of 660 m straps and ridge in 270 x 270 mm douglas and 2,112 m rafters in 250 x 150 mm roof trusses with 270 x 270 mm 6 m high oak posts . More than 1,000 pin collections and over 200 slanting blade blades have been made. Switches, switches and joists are all assembled with over 200 dovetail connections. After construction of 250 m half-timbering, 250 m2 roof construction, 8 large roof chairs and a frontispiece, a windbreak, a few joists, sweat and hard but rewarding work, the new riding hall and horse stable building is now in beautiful harmony with the other estate buildings.

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