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Sustainable values


In Bjørns Træværk og Restaurering we have a strong focus on sustainability. We try as best as possible to use materials that are produced under proper conditions, reduce the climate footprint and provide a good indoor climate. As a carpentry / joinery company, wood is for good reasons our preferred material, fortunately it can be used as both exterior and interior cladding, such as floors, insulation, vapour barrier, furniture etc.


Not only is wood a vibrant, warm and natural imperfect beauty that gives us peace and joy, it continues to store the CO2 the trees absorbed in the forest, even when used as a building material. 


A study shows that if you replace concrete with wood in a building, you can reduce the carbon emissions by up to 77%. When making a calculation of a new home's climate impact over 50 years, then 70% of the CO2 emissions happens when the home is being built.


By choosing sustainable building materials, we can save millions of tons of CO2 and make a huge difference. In addition, wood is a renewable material unlike many others and by working with the right suppliers, we can seek to give back to the planet what we took from it. 

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