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An assembly kit on a stamp

P1450111 copy.jpg

Studio Eika has designed this reinterpretation of a traditional timber construction. We have worked closely with the architects throughout the process and contributed our knowledge and experience. The house is built around three large half-timbered frames as the load-bearing part of the house. Subsequently, light insulated wall elements are mounted on the outside. In this way, the interior timber construction is visibly left in its beautiful raw form. And that way we could roll the paper vapor brake around the whole house from the outside without any problems before the wall elements were mounted. A combination of traditional timber joints and custom-made metal fittings has been used, where the engineering calculations have dictated it. The floors are mutually offset, all with a visible beam layer. The entire timber structure was manufactured at our workshop to be subsequently shipped to the construction site. The entire construction was assembled in just two days.

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