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The Naver House

Billede 16.02.2022 22.11.52.jpg

A family with two children wanted a sustainable townhouse with a good indoor climate, where the traditional craft was consistent in both construction and aesthetics. The couple even drew the house with input from us, after which we set off. We insulated the house with wood fiber and a bio-oven and solar cells were established as a heat source. The interior walls were plastered with clay and the staircase in the middle of the house surrounded by beautiful Douglas half-timbering with boards filled with clay stone and the surface plastered with clay. At the top of the staircase, a long skylight with moisture control was inserted. The idea behind the half-timbered construction was that it should function as the house's 'lung', where the solid clay panels absorb and store the moisture that naturally occurs in the family's daily life, until you open the skylight and let the moisture escape. The family has stated years later that they have noticed a marked difference in the indoor climate compared to previous homes.

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